Oh, wait. It was about how filthy the air in Tianjin was. Because he's telling that joke about how they couldn't bomb the damned city because it was hidden from all the smog.

Dad talking about something. I forget. Check out the bowl of rice, though--he always has to have that with every meal.

Dad's laughing because I'm still going, "WAIT! WAIT!"

This is Dad as I'm yelling at him to stay still for the camera.

Sesame tofu! So intense! So good.

Uncle Neal and Jim, a colleague of my dad's checking out what to eat today.

This is how full it was. The obaasan was warning me not to down it like water.

Glass of sake I had on Sunday.

This is Koichi, talking during a discussion.

...America, fuck yeah!

The thumbs-up!

This is me "posing" outside of the building.

Direct front of Diet Building.

Another angle, 'scuse the backlighting.

Diet Building, outside.

Stained glass ceiling up on top.

The main hall.

This is me sitting in the chair where Koizumi sits. Again.

This is the conference hall where the government has all their press meetings.

Koizumi's house.

German Mark.

Mark Guthrie in this chair. It should be said that not once during this entire time did Koizumi ever walk in here.

Esteban in the chair. Apologies for the blurring.

This is a better one.

Fajar in the seat himself. He posed well.

Sitting in Koizumi's chair in the LDP office. Go me.

A bruise on my knee after a bike fell on my leg in the parking lot.

Main hall, Yasukuni Jinja. The museum is extremely disturbing.

Other angle, just before it started raining.

Torii, Yasukuni Jinja.

Nice composition in this photo.

Last one looking up.

This is a better close up.

The flowers here are a lot pinker.

Here's a closer look.

Looking up through the branches.

The forest of trees in Komaba Campus.

Closer look at the cherry blossoms.

This is a closeup. Could be a wallpaper if any of y'all want. Leave a comment.

Different breed of sakura. Lasts longer than the kind you normally see.

Maru-chan in the see-through sweater.