OK, the berries aren't in focus, but you can see the different shades, right?

This is a better closeup.

Berries in front of Martha Cook. I don't know what kind they are; they've always intrigued me because they'll come out green and then turn all these different shades of blue. I can't figure it out!

I need a better zoom function on the camera or a growth spurt.

Getting underneath one of the branches.

These are the trees right next to the ivy patch.

One of the trees in front of our house.

Taken yesterday while raking the leaves. I

There it goes! There it goes! Paper courtesy of Yuxi.

Yuxi holding up the grill.

BBQ lunch with Rich, Christine, Justin, Yuxi, Rob and his girlfriend.

There he goes...

My little brother trying to eat the duck brain.

Minced duck meat and cabbage. Mmmm.

The entire family.

Uncle Mike and my Dad. They go way way back.

He started drooling within a minute.

My brother at the restaurant we went to for dinner. That's Ryan, my dad's friend's son, in the background.

A rare kind of shellfish.

Cha siu! Ohh, so fluffy and yummy.

Shrimp dumplings with roe.

Custard rolls, upon Ada's recommendation. Deelish.

Four color crystal dumplings. They taste so good, which is expected of any Chinese food in Toronto.

To get him to shut up, I told my little brother to look outside and make his mind wide open like the fields. This is the dubious result, and he started drooling five minutes later.

The offerings to my grandfather around the Mid-Autumn Festival. Mom doesn't like incense, thinks it could cause cancer, which leads to interesting discussions when I try to light it in my room.

Guarding the M before the big game against MSU.

Breakdancers on the Diag.

During the colloquium, Daphne put her hat on me and took this picture. This is what we really do in Asian Studies 381. XD

Ivy hanging from the archway of West Hall.

My friend Chris.

So one night, the light in my room blew out. I decided to light some candles in my room instead, and it was a lot of fun. Except for the part where I have to pour out the wax. Then not so much.

The back.

Classmate's shirt.

Marvin. I crave his eyelashes, but you can't see that from the picture here.

My friend Curt. We share a class, which I didn't expect at all, considering he's an engin student.

He's wearing a paper bag on his head for anonymity.

My little brother attempting to breakdance.

The other rider. They let me do this because I donated a lot of money to their bucket.

Seesawing frat boys for Hurricane Katrina.

Buncha singers outside Shaman Drum.

Bell Tower.

E. Washington...? Sunsetish.

The Michigan League.



Fountain in front of the League. You're supposed to walk in it once when you're here for orientation, and then again before you graduate. Considering I'm graduating in December, I'll probably have to do something else like it.

The Cube. That's my little brother spinning it.

UM Law School, one of the places I'll be applying.