Kamo River.

View from across the Kamo River.

After I poured what I thought was syrup on it (no, it was tea!). But it was still good, and the lemon was extra tasty.

The entire set. It's lemon-honey-ginger flavored, so I was especially keen on trying it.

more kakigouri! This time it's from this cafe off Matsubara-dori called Shibayo. We almost missed it.

View of Ginkakuji from the top, and all of Kyoto.

Cute little waterfall before we climbed up.

Mmm, perfect sand cone.

A look from the bottom.

Here's another view. Admittedly it's known more for its rock garden and nature, I think, than being a silver pavilion.

The sand garden, Ginkakuji.

The temple peach. From what I read off the sign, supposedly you rub it when you're at a bad age (yakudoshi), and it's supposed to ward off bad luck.

I wanted to get a nicer pic of the way the light was glinting off that leaf on the bottom.

Entrance to Seimei Shrine.

The tower at Ninnaji.

One of the lotus decorations, Ninnaji.

A pond, Ninnaji.

Final. It's all supposed to total fifteen, but we counted and couldn't come up with it.

Middle part.

The rock garden at Ryoanji.

This has to be one of my favorite shots.

The same temple in summer. Jean and I want to go here every season and take a look at the changing foliage.

Jean and I in front of Kinkakuji.

Taken from my hotel room. Not too spectacual, though I like that lit-up building.

A blue one. it's on its way out, though.

Some hyacinths at the Natural Science Building.

So-called living statue or something.

One of the acts nearby the Diag.

Here's a better view of the fountain.

Huge food court like place, before sunset.

This shows a bit better how long it really was.

On E. Liberty there was a guy holding an albino boa constrictor.

This guy was playing a handmade Arab guitar called an "uu" (sp?). He was real skilled.

On S. State.

This is only a small part of the line of tourists coming here to see the artists.

This kid was on South U and East U cranking out drawings like mad.

View from the State Street area of the Art Fair.

One of the displays at the Ann Arbor Art Fair, July 2006.

Blackout lasted three hours. There was a lot of time.

Trying to play around with the composition.

During the blackout.

A flowering bush nearby. That's Nate holding up the branch.

This is the kind that smell real great.

Closer look.

Lilacs. Taken during a walk in the neighborhood.

During the big blackout in our house.

One of the neighborhood's flowering trees around sunset.

A closer look.

A closer look.