Here, they're singing "Take Me Home, Country Roads" by John Denver. Hardcore, yo.

The banjo for the night.

This guy was hilarious.

The alcohol was free flowing. Fun all around.

David, Junko and I.

David and me on the couch. I realize I look sloshed in this picture. But I'm not.

Another shot, where they're actually looking at the camera.

One of the staff and Mina's mother talking.

David. He's a new 'un, from NYC.

More partygoers. They're awesome, if again, shy.

Me sitting next to the woman who had angel wings. She was pretty shy...

Sony dude again. Check out the Afro, dude.

Mari in Gothic Lolita wear just for the holiday. She's from Kobe and her English is pretty good.

A really sweet lady at the bar. Called me her sister the entire time because of my "costume."

Matsuda-san, I think. He works for Sony.

Partygoers. This was at a Halloween party at work. Food, fun, and country music.

Bob, putting on his Lone Ranger mask.

Bob, my boss, and Mark from Seattle.

Miwa's picture of me.

My shadow. And my feet.

Kiddies walking near the school store.

Pine tree by the fountain.

If you're real creative, you can get shots like this without seeing the ugly buildings.

Another gingko shot.

Part two!

Fountain shot, once again.

Another shot.

Gingko tree in front of Building 11.

A close up. Can you believe how polished that is?

New sculpture at Todai. It's really cool.

Last picture before they told us to pack up and leave.

Paul, maybe not so drunk this time.

I told him to hold that post because he looks so cool like that.

Yasunori again. Hen na kao...

Some other dude and Yasunori.

Kazu in a suit again, looking cool.

Yasunori, Fauzan, Hirokyuki and I.

Some dude, Miwa and I.

It's Kazu in a suit!

Apple and Marina at the party.

Crap, I forgot his name. I do know that he was one of the guys whose mouth fell open in surprise as I started gabbing to Miwa.

The baby and her mother, who happens to be a prof here.

And again.

Maru-chan again.

That's Fajar waving. Hi, Fajar!

Sam again. He was talking as I was pushing the button.

Wiwie and Yukari.

Sam. I don't think I have to say anymore than that, really...

Naito-kun by the window.

Hiroyuki screwing with Shouta's head.