About an hour or so before closing time.

This is when I was leaving, by the way.

Tokyo Big Sight, the site for Comiket.

Genjo Sanzo from Saiyuki.

FFX Yuna.

GGX roundup!

Paine and Yuna from FFX-2.

Anime!Tsubasa Sakura.

My OTP. Why she needed false eyelashes, I'm not too sure.

Marimite: Rosa Foetida Family.

Sailor Mars, one of my favorite characters.


Yet another FMA cosplay group.

Some of the Naruto cast.

Wrath, Envy and Roy.

Marimite: Rosa Gigantea family.

Armor!Al with kitty and Ed.

Sakura from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.

Another FMA cosplay group. Ed's automail impresses me, as does Hughes.

Marimite was really popular.

Ky Kiske from GGX.


PoT cosplayers. Kaidoh did a good job pouting because there was no Inui.

Nekomimi Ed.

...no comment.

I really wanted to ask him if that outfit was uncomfortable.

From Maria-sama ga Miteru.

You have to love the lack of irony these guys have in posing. Dig that cute flippy 'do on the guy with the glasses.

Rukawa and Sakuragi from Slam Dunk, an old, old anime (1990s or so). Rukawa could stand to gain some muscle.

I don't know what series these guys are from. I just had to take it because of the guys in drag.

XXXHolic's Yuuko, complete with Mokona.

Three Kingdoms cosplayers.

GGX Dizzy, pink mode (I like her default colors better).

Yuna cosplayer #1.

Ed Juice. For some reason the doujinshika were wibbling before letting me take the picture.

A slightly blurry closeup.

A Hughes plushie at one of the Comiket tables. OMG so cute.


Purple hydrangeas still in bloom.

Chunfu following Christophe's order to jump.

Paul near the top.

Rinnoji from about 35 steps down.

Japanese maple, Rinnoji.

This is the tree in question.

Another love shrine just as we were leaving. It's actually to a tree, but this is the altar.

An orange Chunfu offered. Mmm.



This was nearby the pond.

In front of the god of snacks, but not associated with him.

A matchmaking shrine.