(taken by Sarath's friend) Just when you thought there'd be no Engrish in this blog.

Sarath's friends trying mattcha ice cream. One of them really didn't like it. Apparently he found it too bitter, but I think it's yummy.

A tall building in Shinbashi. Not too surprising, since this is one of Tokyo's business districts.

Here's a better view of it. 'scuse the reflection; there was a plate glass gate thingie there.

This is in Shinbashi, near the Careta Shidome. You can't see it much from here, but those white pillars have iridescent finishes on them.

The last one before Mayuko and I were all plum blossomed out.

And another one.

Another close-up of them.

The pink version near the shrine.

This is near the roof of the shrine.

Close up of the dangling blossoms.

Can't get enough of 'em. This is near the ema boards.

Dangling version of plum blossoms

Another picture of plum blossoms nestled underneath the branches.

'nother close-up, if different.

Another close-up, if different.

Here's a close-up of the branches.

View of plum blossom through the branches

The plum trees against the sky.

Mayuko wanted a picture of me. 'scuse the dorkiness.

Here's one with the sky included.

A better view.

The plum blossoms at Yushima Tenjin.

Naoki and Kana.

Kana, Shin-Hye, someone (don't know her name) and Eri at the cable car on the way to Owakudani.

All of this snow overnight, and me without a heavy coat. Needless to say, I got a cold a while later.

This is Fajar. I totally mistook him for Wiwie when I saw him walking around like this. I know. I'm a dork.

Closer up of the prof's kid.

Chawan mushi became a fast favorite. It's like custard. But with no sugar.

Yudofu is good too.

Mmm, breakfast.

The last picture I took before the headache came ranging in.

Fukuhara-san among the festivities.

Here's another one to give you a hint.

Give up?

Seriously, other than the drinking, I bet you can't guess?

Guess what these guys are doing?

Another Naoki/Sarath shot.

This is Maru-chan trying to lift Kazu off the ground.

Kazu doing funny sexy pose.


I don't know whether he realizes his yukata's open.

This is pretty much what everyone was doing until 2 AM.

...I don't know what to say about this picture. Honestly.

They got a little more organized here.

Here's the sexy man line they were all doing.

Naoki and Sarath lounging in the chair. He looks happy.

Here's where Paul joins in.

Nomikai hijinks.

German Mark and me, after I'd had a chance to go to the onsen.